Axosoft Integration with Zendesk

zendesk axosoft integration

We’re excited to announce the start of a beautiful new friendship with Zendesk! Axosoft Scrum and Axosoft Bug Tracker integrate easily with Zendesk to seamlessly connect your support and development workflows.

We’re hoping your first reaction is to go into a zen-like buddha position (see image above for reference) and soak in the awesomeness! But your second thought might be, why would Axosoft integrate with Zendesk? After all, Zendesk is a customer service and support ticketing software and so is Axosoft Help Desk. Well, here at Axosoft, we embrace diversity, even when it comes to integrating with competing help desk solutions. We realize that there are different solutions for different needs. Thus our new friendship with Zendesk opens the door for our customers who are using Zendesk as their Help Desk solution.

By integrating these two great products, you can quickly escalate Zendesk support tickets to user stories or bugs in your Axosoft backlog, and eliminate all the time your support and development teams spend duplicating items and communicating status reports. Automated workflow step actions take your productivity to the next level by eliminating the need to update the workflow status of a linked Zendesk ticket. You can even include a public or private message when the item’s workflow status is updated. The two-way communication between Axosoft and Zendesk allows your support team, developers and project managers to clearly see how an item is progressing through development.

Bonus! You can keep overhead down by not having to purchase additional licenses for your support team to access Axosoft and your devs to access Zendesk because comments and status updates flow seamlessly between the two. It’s easy then for support to respond to customers about the status and resolution of items without ever leaving Zendesk, and developers get all the details they need to resolve issues in Axosoft.

All-in-all by integrating your Zendesk and Axosoft accounts your whole team benefits:

  1. Reduce time spent managing user stories and bugs.
  2. Gain visibility into the status of tickets from inception to close.
  3. Save money and keep communication flowing from customers, to support, to development and management.

We’re excited to help Zendesk and Axosoft customers be even more successful! So if you don’t have an Axosoft account yet, get started here!

If you already use Axosoft, learn more or enable Zendesk to get to work!

What’s New in Axosoft 14.5?

Wondering what’s new in Axosoft version 14.5? Well, here it is:

  • Print functionality
  • Sharable Dashboards
  • Zendesk Integration
  • More UX improvements

Reporting Boosts:

There are two things that should improve your reporting efforts: printing and sharing dashboards. We have replaced the PDF shortcut with a print button that will print anything you have on the screen.

Print Print Print

Print Print Print

That means you may include any filter, any grouping, or any view (including Card View) for your hard copy needs. The only limit is the size of your printer’s paper, so don’t go chopping trees down here.

You can print any view with any filters, including card view.

You can print any view with any filters, including card view.

Non-users of Axosoft may now access dashboards. Huzzah!

More eyeballs please.

More eyeballs please.

After you enable your API, you’re free to copy and paste the link to your dashboard and share it accordingly. You can even have it password protected for increased security. If this is making you go “yay!” then make sure you start using this ASAP to help out your execs/managers/stakeholders/customers. Here’s what to do step by step:

  • Enable API
  • Go to Dashboard and edit Dashboard settings
  • Generate and copy the URL
Protect your dashboard!

Protect your dashboard!

Zendesk Integration:

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Zendesk. See our full post here or get the gist of the integration below:

  1. Create or link Axosoft items from Zendesk tickets
  2. Notify Zendesk tickets of changes from Axosoft
  3. Save money and keep communication flowing from customers, to support, to development and management

 zendesk axosoft integration

UX Improvements:

Information is power, and we’re giving new info to admins. Admins now get notifications when an email has failed to fire. This is located in the upper right corner by your user/admin name in the shape of a bell.

It's like bookface.

It’s like bookface.

The bell glows red when an email fails, which should allow you to immediately check the email address or potentially your email account settings. If you’re ever in doubt, please contact the awesome folks in support.

Right clicking on a column now allows you to multi-select what items you’d like to sort and we’ve updated the functionality for touch screen users. 

That’s all for now folks. Be on the lookout for our next release!

UserConf 2014

userconf 2014

A chain of events was triggered at Axosoft when our CEO, Hamid Shojaee, asked, “What if we had everyone in the company responding to chat requests? Would this be a good or bad idea and why?” One of our support team members, James, responded by sharing a video from UserConf 2012, where Wufoo’s Kevin Hale discussed the idea of All Hands on Support. We took time the very next day for our entire company to watch this video and talk about it.   As a result, Axosoft recently flew the entire support team and our Product Owner to San Francisco for UserConf 2014. It was a killer conference, and we took away a lot of great ideas!

Answer the damn email!

Alex Mozes, Director of Customer Support at Udemy, spoke about his research that indicated users who receive a response within 20-30 minutes are impressed by the response time.  What I found interesting was that customer happiness was not affected when they received a response 40 minutes to 4 hours later. Meaning they were only impressed in that first window. This rang very true to me. The first and most important thing is to respond to our customers as quickly as we can.

Stop using canned lines

Users know when you are using a canned line.  It makes them think you do not care, and that you are reading from a script or following a set process.  I took this very seriously and started talking to my customers as I would want to be spoken to. The results were interesting. Instead of using fluffy words and long drawn out explanations, I was direct, concise and used wording that was personal.  User response was quite positive.  They appreciated my direct explanations and expressed that they were impressed with the support response.

All Hands on Support vs. Dev on Point

After watching that great video I referenced earlier, All Hands on Support, we agreed as a company to implement this idea.  Well, that didn’t go so well.  When trying to implement it we were met with statements like “I don’t have enough time” or “What good does one day do anyway – It’s not like I can change anything in one day.”  This leads me to the Dev on Point idea presented at the conference.  Dev on Point is one developer available for user support for an entire week.  They are the point person for all departments for that week.  This is a solution we think might be more viable for our support and dev teams moving forward!

So long and thanks for all the fish!


There were many great speakers and ideas shared at the conference, and it was really awesome to be among so many different people who play various roles in support.   Every person I talked to was happy to share their experiences and ideas.  The whole thing felt like a massive collaborative effort to improve what we love to do!


Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of the Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert.

Out of the blue, on October 21st, AppointmentPlus initiated a new challenge: a flag football face off!

flag football challenge

Our fearless leader Hamid Shojaee did not hesitate to respond, “We never back down from a challenge. So it’s on!” And after some intense pre-game smack talking, the game was on!

Take a look at the pre-game coverage on AZTechBeat.

axosoft flag fooball team

Was this the biggest upset in AZ Tech Flag Football history? That’s not for me to decide. We heard guys like Steve Booze saying they were going to beat us 77-0 and that we shouldn’t even show up. We don’t pay too much attention to that junk. We were prepared, we had a game plan and we executed it. We may not be the most impressive team on paper, but the game isn’t played on paper, it’s played on the field. Axosoft is a team, a unit, not a bunch of individuals looking to make a name for themselves. You think guys like Mike Parrish put in the extra reps to be on the cover of the Mr. Software calendar? No – that’s just a bonus. Do you think Gustavo Figueroa became the most popular flag futbol player in all of Mexico by worrying about his stats? Of course not. When you have a bench as deep as ours, it makes the coach look really good. Not many teams can grab a camera man and an accountant and expect them to make plays like Shane and Jessica did. Am I disappointed we didn’t win? Of course. But we were the ones with the ball, with no time on the clock and the opportunity to win the game.

Although we tied, 20-20, we’re happy to report that the rivalry match ended sharing good beer with good company :)

football teams unite

Check out the game footage below!

Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 1

A little friendly competition has been unfolding over the past few months between Axosoft and neighboring AZ tech company AppointmentPlus – or AppointmentMinus as we like to affectionately refer to them. It all started back in August when AppointmentPlus challenged Axosoft to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This was certainly the thing to do at the time, and nearly all Axosoft employees had already completed the challenge. In good spirit, our company donated $1,000 to the ALS cause and planned our response to AppointmentPlus.

Footage from Axosoft’s Nerf attack on AppointmentPlus

As seasoned Nerf-war veterans, we decided the only appropriate response was to attack the AppointmentPlus headquarters with Nerf guns blazing. The AxoWarriors charged into AppointmentPlus showing no mercy on the AP employees. The battle raged on for what must have seemed like an eternity for the majority of AP employees who did not even attempt to fight back. Ultimately Axosoft reigned victorious and disappeared nearly as quickly as we had come – except this time with many hostages in tow.

Media coverage from Tishin Donkersley, AZTechBeat

Over the next days and weeks we admittedly taunted AppointmentPlus with hostage photos in hopes to initiate negotiations for beer and wine in exchange for returning the stuffed-animal hostages. AppointmentPlus had no intentions of engaging in our hostile negotiation tactics. Eventually we returned the hostages, and the rivalry shenanigans settled into nothingness for several months.

appointmentplus hostage

And then… Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2