Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

If you haven’t already, read Part 1 of the Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert.

Out of the blue, on October 21st, AppointmentPlus initiated a new challenge: a flag football face off!

flag football challenge

Our fearless leader Hamid Shojaee did not hesitate to respond, “We never back down from a challenge. So it’s on!” And after some intense pre-game smack talking, the game was on!

Take a look at the pre-game coverage on AZTechBeat.

axosoft flag fooball team

Was this the biggest upset in AZ Tech Flag Football history? That’s not for me to decide. We heard guys like Steve Booze saying they were going to beat us 77-0 and that we shouldn’t even show up. We don’t pay too much attention to that junk. We were prepared, we had a game plan and we executed it. We may not be the most impressive team on paper, but the game isn’t played on paper, it’s played on the field. Axosoft is a team, a unit, not a bunch of individuals looking to make a name for themselves. You think guys like Mike Parrish put in the extra reps to be on the cover of the Mr. Software calendar? No – that’s just a bonus. Do you think Gustavo Figueroa became the most popular flag futbol player in all of Mexico by worrying about his stats? Of course not. When you have a bench as deep as ours, it makes the coach look really good. Not many teams can grab a camera man and an accountant and expect them to make plays like Shane and Jessica did. Am I disappointed we didn’t win? Of course. But we were the ones with the ball, with no time on the clock and the opportunity to win the game.

Although we tied, 20-20, we’re happy to report that the rivalry match ended sharing good beer with good company :)

football teams unite

Check out the game footage below!

Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 1

A little friendly competition has been unfolding over the past few months between Axosoft and neighboring AZ tech company AppointmentPlus – or AppointmentMinus as we like to affectionately refer to them. It all started back in August when AppointmentPlus challenged Axosoft to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This was certainly the thing to do at the time, and nearly all Axosoft employees had already completed the challenge. In good spirit, our company donated $1,000 to the ALS cause and planned our response to AppointmentPlus.

Footage from Axosoft’s Nerf attack on AppointmentPlus

As seasoned Nerf-war veterans, we decided the only appropriate response was to attack the AppointmentPlus headquarters with Nerf guns blazing. The AxoWarriors charged into AppointmentPlus showing no mercy on the AP employees. The battle raged on for what must have seemed like an eternity for the majority of AP employees who did not even attempt to fight back. Ultimately Axosoft reigned victorious and disappeared nearly as quickly as we had come – except this time with many hostages in tow.

Media coverage from Tishin Donkersley, AZTechBeat

Over the next days and weeks we admittedly taunted AppointmentPlus with hostage photos in hopes to initiate negotiations for beer and wine in exchange for returning the stuffed-animal hostages. AppointmentPlus had no intentions of engaging in our hostile negotiation tactics. Eventually we returned the hostages, and the rivalry shenanigans settled into nothingness for several months.

appointmentplus hostage

And then… Friendly Rivalry in the Silicon Desert Part 2

Axosoft Best Practices Webinar

Watch the Axosoft Best Practices webinar above to learn how to use Axosoft most effectively. We’ve only outlined some of the best practices below.

Daily Usage Best Practices

  • Keyboard Shortcuts [shift + ?]
    • Create a new item [c]
    • Create a new subitem [n then s]
    • Add a work log to an item [w]
  • Add the projects you work on most to Favorites by right clicking on the project and selecting Add To Favorites 
  • To assign items, the Assign To field is no longer a static dropdown, you can just start typing and quickly select the user or team’s name/gravatar when it appears
  • Quickly delete items by right clicking on the item and selecting Delete
  • Quickly copy the URL for an item by right clicking on the item and selecting Copy Item URL (choose whether you want the URL for the web item or the portal item)
  • Add a work log by right clicking on the item and selecting Add Worklog 
  • Add a subitem by right clicking on the item and selecting Add Subitem
  • Copy an item to a bug in Axosoft Bug Tracker, by right clicking on the item and selecting Copy to Bug. We recommend copying items rather than moving them.
  • If you delete one of your workspace tabs, Click the funnel symbol below the Daily Scrum button and select the tab you want to reopen
  • If you accidentally delete an item, use the Audit Trails tab to find the item and copy the details into a new item
  • The All Items tab shows you the combined items from all of your other tabs (I.E. Scrum, Bug Tracker and Help Desk items)
  • If you have Axosoft Scrum, you can always create an additional Custom Items tab by clicking Tools > System Options > General > checking the Custom Items box > clicking System Labels > and relabeling Custom Items to whatever you’re using it for (I.E. tasks or test cases)

Grouping, Filters and Views

  • To what everyone on your team is working on, you can group items by the user they’re assigned to. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group By > User Story > Assigned To
  • To group by project, click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group ByProject
  • To add a filter, click the Filters button at the top > Add Filter > name it > click the plus sign to add your filter conditions
  • If you’ve applied different groupings and filters to your workspace and want to easily get back to that view, save it as view. To do this, click View > Save View > name your view > check any settings you want saved
  • To share a view with other team members, click View > Manage View > deselect Private
  • Customers can group items by their status, in the Customer Portal. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner > Group By > Status
  • You can create a default view that customers see when they enter your Customer Portal. Click on a user whose view settings you want to use as a default for all your customers. Click on Tools in the upper right corner > Customer Portal > Customer Portal Settings > Security & Customer Defaults > Make sure that user is selected under “Use the selected customer contact’s current view settings” > Save

Custom Item Tab and Related Items

  • You can create an additional tab for test cases or any other item type, by clicking on the funnel icon in the upper right corner > Custom Items
  • You can connect your test case items back to a defect or another item. Expand the Details panel by clicking the arrow in the top right corner > click Related Items to open that panel > to enable related items for the first time, click Tools then System Options then Details Panel then check the boxes for Related Items and Save > click Add under Related Items > select is related to” in the dropdown menu > Search for Related Item > select Bugs > search for the item number > check the the item > Select > Save
  • You can doc Related Items or any pane under the Details panel, to the bottom of your screen to see those details. Just click the arrow on the right corner of the Related Items pane.
  • Read more information on test case management, the custom item tab and related items in Axosoft

Hallosoft… Axoween… Halloween at Axosoft

If you’ve gotten a glimpse into Axosoft culture, you know we like to tack on “Axo” to as many words as possible (I.E. AxoCulture). Anyways, call it Axoween or whatever you like – we hope you had an amazing Halloween, ’cause we sure did!

Participation was high this year at our annual costume contest. Even Axosoft was not safe though from the Frozen pandemonium sweeping the nation… yes… Elsa, Olaf, Anna and Kristoff made an appearance!

Axosoft Halloween Costumes

The AxoGirls of the office kicked it up by going the superhero route – of course adding their own flare with handmade tutus!  You know, there’s nothing fancier than a Thor in a tutu.

However, AxoGents were not to be outdone. Some went the route of video game characters (Luigi and Payday), some were tv and movie characters (Top Gun Maverick and The Office Three Hole Punched Jim). Some even  joined the ladies in the superhero theme; we had a Deadpool, Tony Stark (Axosoft founder Hamid), and a rather dashing Captain America (see adorable puppy in photo).

But the winner of them all was Hodor and Bran from Game of Thrones… or as we like to call him, John!

Hodor and Bran, Game of Thrones


What’s New in Axosoft 14.4?

Felicitations friendly faces! Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, so we decided to make Axosoft Version 14.4 all about UX improvements. We hope you are pleasantly surprised when you fire up Axosoft to find:

  • New and improved onboarding tutorial

  • New shortcuts everywhere:

    • Shortcut to Field Templates from the Edit Workflow Step page

    • Shortcut to Pick-lists from Custom Items page

    • Shortcuts to Field Templates, Workflow, and  Escalation from Edit Projects page

    • Shortcut to Notification Templates from Notifications page

  • Updated UI for the Details Panel

  • New Copy Link button that’s easy to use when viewing an item


New Onboarding Tutorial

For new users, we’ve redone our onboarding to guide your exploration of Axosoft. You’ll be immediately greeted with a video from yours truly – covering some of the basics – followed by a helpful tutorial showing you around the major sections of the application. For current customers, you can check this out by going to Tools/ Help/ In-app tutorials/ Reset Tutorials.

New opening video and tutorial for your new users

New opening video and tutorial for first-time users

Show Me the Shortcuts

Here’s a quick cheatsheet for all the new shortcuts in Axosoft:

1. When editing a workflow step, you can quickly edit any associated field template with the new shortcut link.

edit workflow steps in axosoft

2. If you’re creating a custom item with a pick-list, you’ll get a quick link to manage your pick-lists.

Hit manage to change your pick lists.

Hit manage to change your pick lists.

3. When editing a project, you can now use quick links to manage workflow, field templates, and escalations. Access this by clicking edit on any project folder and selecting the Field Templates, Workflow, or Escalation Path side tabs.

Field Template Settings

Example: Click edit project, field templates, and manage field templates

4. You can see what your notifications look like from the Notifications settings.Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 12.38.24 PM

A Few More Things

You’ll also notice we updated the UI for the panes in the Details Panel:  Worklogs, Related Items, Audit Trails, etc.

Details Panes

Check out the Details Panel on the right


Lastly (for now), you can quickly copy the URL or portal link for any item from the View Item window.

Copy Link

Click the gear icon to quickly copy the link for an item

We hope these new updates make your life a little easier. Be on the look out for our next release!