Track your development time

Measure and evaluate time spent on user stories, sprints and releases.

Whether or not your team works in billable hours, you cannot know, understand or improve the development process without seeing a picture of how much time is spent on your backlog. Axosoft worklogs capture this information and can be used to spot trends, aid decision-making and help you ship software on time.

Estimates: The key to Scrum development

The ability to estimate each item’s workload is a key component of release capacity planning and one of Axosoft’s core functionalities. When a new item is added, the preset fields require an estimate to be made, so your team can get a feel for how long the entire release or sprint will take. Once every item has an associated workload, the Card View and Axosoft Dashboard can convey this information at a glance.

These work logs will then factor into the calculation of Axosoft's burndown charts, a critical tool used by Scrum-focused teams. The burndown chart gives everyone the ability to identify trends and make predictions about development progress, so adjustments can be made if necessary.

Prompt for work log entries

Once the initial estimates have been made, there are two ways to ensure progress is being updated in real time. Some teams manually enter the amount of time they’ve spent on each item from the Work Log pane, while others incorporate the API-enabled Axosoft Stopwatch addon to get more exact numbers.

You can also configure your process workflow to update remaining estimates when an item changes workflow step, or prompt your user to update that field themselves.

If your team needs more options, they can use Axosoft's source control integration with built-in options for GitHub and TFS. These integrations allow users to update commits with work details in their development environment and have those changes automatically translate into Axosoft work log entries.

adding a new work log entry

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