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Hit your software deadlines on time and delight your customers with Axosoft! Increased team productivity and greater project visibility mean your team spends less time planning and more time doing what they do best: building your release.

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Organize focused, useful standups

What’s more boring than meetings? Planning meetings! Prepare and organize daily standups (or daily Scrums) effortlessly using Axosoft’s Standup Mode. You’ll see the status of your release, including current velocity and what work is assigned to whom, ensuring your team members are being utilized but not overused. There's even a built-in timer to ensure your meetings run at a good pace. Bye bye, boring meetings. Hello, focused updates!

Meetings before Axosoft

Meetings before Axosoft

Meetings before Axosoft

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Prioritize your backlog in a smart way

As you add user stories to Axosoft you’ll want to break down epics (you know, those really big user stories) into multiple items that can be assigned out to various team members and completed more quickly. Breaking down those epics into smaller chunks makes it easier to formulate time estimates and, ultimately, help you set achievable deadlines. Once your items are set up, use the rank mode to stack rank your items from highest to lowest priority. And guess what? As your priorities change, you can always rearrange items!

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Plan releases that are short and sweet

Use our handy dandy Release Planner to lay out short iteration cycles and easily break down releases into shorter sprints. Prioritize your most important user stories, and see the capacity for your sprint, team and individual team members at a glance, so you can start adding and assigning work accordingly.

Now you’ll know exactly how much time you need and how much you have available. Toss your magic 8-ball back in the drawer and stop consulting higher powers to guess if you can hit your deadlines.

Release planner

Keep a pulse on your progress

Generate a custom dashboard for a concise visual overview of your Scrum project’s progress and projections. Drop in some sleek burndown charts and check the speedometer gadget to track your velocity, ensuring you're on track to hit your deadlines. Share your dashboards publicly or privately with your team so everyone is on the same page. After your release, have a retrospective to reflect on how your team can improve your processes. There’s always room to improve, right?

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Kanban Board

Sticky notes on a board are all well and good, until they’re not… because let’s face it, stickies don’t scale, but our kanban software does! Automatically trigger actions items as they move through your workflow, and calculate your work-in-process limits and cycle times.

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Our Scrum project management software plays nicely with an ever-growing list of tools and services your team is already using for source control, team chat, test case management, and more.

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Our Team

Our dedication to your success is what sets us apart from other Scrum tools. We have real live people who will provide you with an onboarding and implementation session; ongoing training and optimization sessions; priority phone and email support; and more!


Hosted by us

Hosted on our state-of-the-art data centers worldwide

Installed by you

Install in your own environment under your control


For established dev teams


per user

Billed annually


per user

Billed monthly

  • Create, track, and manage work items
  • Unlimited projects
  • Full Scrum & Kanban support
  • Powerful customization
  • TV-ready dashboards & reporting
  • Phone and email support


Customer support + enterprise


per user

Billed annually


per user

Billed monthly

  • All features in Professional, plus…
  • Brandable self-service portal
  • Help desk & email ticketing
  • Powerful wiki
  • Active Directory integration for login
  • Onboarding & implementation sessions


Includes all features


per user

Minimum 5 users

Annual billing only

  • All features in Premium
  • Install in your own environment

Renew your Installed license each year for 35% of its configuration cost.

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“We are in the process of launching a new product… We walked straight in there and planned it as a Scrum project, and Axosoft has really led us in how to do that. Without Axosoft, we wouldn’t have been able to organize the sprints and people’s time nearly as effectively, and have any idea what sort of literary base we were looking at and what velocity we had on the project. So I would definitely say that Axosoft has definitely helped us on that project.”

George Wilde George Wilde Head of Application Development
Footwork Solutions

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