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Version History

This page details the major additions and changes in the latest release of Axosoft. Hosted Axosoft subscribers will always be using the latest version. For installed versions of Axosoft, view the Downloads page.

15.3.1 Release Notes

Available September 26th, 2015


  • Plan and build releases with the all new Release Planner supertab!
  • User options redesigned to include new user capacity settings.


  • Freeze 'Group by' header on items when horizontal scrolling.
  • Source HTML in large text field editor has been formatted.
  • Added ability to resize large text field within window.
  • Multi-select list fields can now be updated through multi-edit.


  • Non-admin users with manage users permissions do not see security roles assignments when editing a user.
  • Group By not working in Manage Customers and Contacts.
  • Group By Date Time fields not sorting by Time after Date.
  • Require work logs does not allow for save and close when canceled.
  • Right click "Unrank" option does not work in All Items tab when in rank mode.
  • All Items showing subitems from other types when searching.
  • Incident by Week report does not display chronologically when Parent/Child items reported date don't match.
  • Non-Administrator role with add/edit users permission are not getting all the user settings to update.
  • Custom Comments field not retaining value after workflow step change while in edit state.
  • Work log export not creating headers for Company and Customer labels.
  • Worklogs are not showing in panel for items if they are in an inactive release.
  • Moving items from feature to ticket lose the images inside Description.
  • Dashboard per issues when multiple public link are being used at the same time
  • Importing failing when a pick list is deleted for a custom field.
  • Deleting a custom field that was part of Import template produces error on next attempt to import using that particular template.
  • When user has only "edit in workflow" they can perform certain action then get an error based on action. Actions should be disabled.
  • Subitems are not indented in Print view page.
  • Print items on all items page is not displaying filters for individual item types.
  • Copying a workflow does not copy step actions.
  • Search not working for HTML encoded characters.
  • Mobile - Child pick list does not display when selecting parent value.
  • Mobile - Saving a custom date field doesn't save properly.
  • Mobile - Can't save when Assigned To is required.
  • GitHub - Issue import only pulling in first 30 issues.
  • StopWatch - Filter drop down for item type is not working, only filtering the item type but not actual filter conditions.
  • Zendesk - When a module is removed from Axosoft account Zendesk crashes.
  • Visual Studio - Compatibility for Visual Studio 2011.