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Project managers want meaningful data to plan accurate software releases. Devs want to write great code, and spend less time logging work. With Axosoft for agile project management, you can make both happy. Our team has your back!

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Why Axosoft?

Plan effectively to ship on time and on budget

We derive meaningful data to help you make educated planning decisions. With all the right information you can reduce confusion amongst your team, cut down on mistakes, and get ready to ship faster.

Improve your process —Scrum, Kanban or whatever

Whether you do Scrum or any sort of agile hybrid, our fully customizable workflows will support your processes. And our kanban card view will help you visualize your progress along the way.

Connect your team to keep everyone in the loop

With features like the Daily Scrum, you’ll know exactly what each team and team member has completed, what they’re working on now, and any issues that have come up.

get s#!t done in one place —managers, devs & support

In Axosoft, project managers get the data to make educated decisions, developers get in and out of Axosoft quickly, and support resolves incidents more efficiently.

Make your customers the center of the universe

We support you in building great software for your users. The branded customer portal brings outside stakeholders into your process. Public dashboards keep them up to date on vital metrics and statuses.

work with the best product, and the bestest people

We’re really cool humans developing kickass software, just like you. We feel your pain and are here to help you find the best solution. Plus, we’ll stay with you every step of the way to ensure your success!

“Our Scrum Masters and Product Owners rely on this simple-to-use tool because of its powerful backlog management features. Without a doubt, our product releases are better because Axosoft is at the heart of our agile transformation!”

Donna Alexander Scrum Master at Three Rivers Systems

“Time and again, when I call upon them they are all extremely helpful, informative, and courteous. The fact that they remember me, my business needs, and my concerns adds even more value to the supreme service they provide.”

Trevor Bono Project Manager at Vantage Production

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