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Plan & manage
your product backlogs

Quickly add new user stories with the right details, and organize them into projects, releases, and sprints.

Define & visualize
your process

Adapt Axosoft to your established workflows, and track progress on our versatile Kanban board.

Collaborate, measure,
ship on time

Our signature Daily Scrum mode and intelligent burndown charts keep everyone on pace to make your ship date.

Meet the rest of the

Axosoft Product Suite

As your team grows, you may need more than a product backlog. That’s why we’ve developed a whole suite of tools that work together to help your team be a leaner, meaner Scrum machine.

Axosoft Bug Tracker (Free!)

We’ve created the best free bug tracking software for agile teams with an automated, customizable tool that moves your unique processes online. Plus, you'll be able to track how quickly your team eliminates bugs when you integrate with Axosoft Scrum!

Axosoft Help Desk

Help your product owner engage stakeholders with our help desk software’s Customer Portal. This hub lets clients provide ongoing input that is easily converted into defects or user stories with email-to-ticket automation.

Axosoft Wiki

Instead of scattering the team’s notes throughout your inbox, use our project wiki to centralize key information so everyone can access and edit documentation within the product backlog.

Scrum: Our Favorite Framework

If you haven't noticed yet, here at Axosoft, we believe that Scrum is the best agile development method for building software. This awesome, adaptive framework has helped countless agile teams develop better software, faster, while lowering cost of development. It can do the same for your dev teams as well.

That’s why we have created a lot of free, easy to understand materials to help you and your organization get started with Scrum, starting with our Scrum in Under 10 Minutes video, now with over 1.5 million views!

Check out our articles, videos and infographics on, or join our growing community of agile developers online through Facebook and Twitter.

— Hamid Shojaee
Founder, Axosoft

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