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$25 per user per month

Subscribe to Axosoft without any restrictions! Unlimited features all in our hosted environment, and it includes Axosoft Premier.

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Axosoft Complete installed on your premises. Includes one year of product updates and Axosoft Premier.

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Purchase yearly renewals to extend product updates and Axosoft Premier, at 20% off of current license cost. Loyalty discounting available.

Enterprise? Our product experts want to work with you to customize a hosted or installed enterprise-class solution that meets your organization's needs. Call or email us to learn more!

Are you a solo developer or new team? Check out Axosoft Starter: a free bug tracking version of Axosoft for teams up to 10 users, with limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I get a discount for an annual subscription, as opposed to monthly?
Yes! If you pre-purchase for the year, you will receive 2 months free.
What are my payment options?
The default option is credit card, but for orders over $3,000.00 we can do purchase orders.
Do you offer non-profit and/or academic discounts?
Yes. Please contact to find out more.
How do I get a quote?
Please contact or call 800.653.0024, extension 1.
Do we work with resellers?
Yes. Please contact for more information.

Managing Users

Can I add and remove user licenses as needed?
Yes. For hosted plans, add or remove users in the Account Administration screen in your Axosoft Tools menu. Axosoft Installed users can modify their license by logging into their account on
Do you allow for named licensing or floating?
We allow for named licensing only. Reallocation of your user licenses (activating and deactivating users) is simple. View our Managing Users documentation page to learn more.

Axosoft Installed

What are the installation requirements for Axosoft Installed?
Axosoft Installed requires Microsoft SQL Express 2005+ and the .NET Framework 4.5. For complete details, click here.
What is the best way to setup Axosoft Installed?
Axosoft Premier (included with Axosoft Installed) has a 2-hour implementation session, perfect for helping you set up. Find out more about Axosoft's implementation sessions on our Professional Services page.
What are the ongoing costs for Axosoft Installed? How do I renew my benefits?
To extend product updates, support, and Axosoft Premier beyond 1 year, renewals are available. Renewal costs are equal to 20% off of your license configuration cost. You can renew by logging into your account on
Do you have any loyalty programs available?
As long as you keep renewing your Axosoft Installed license, your renewal costs drop year over year. Letting a renewal period expire without renewing again will result in a reset of the loyalty discount. The table below shows the discounts:
1st Renewal (Year 2) 20% off of the current license configuration cost
2nd Renewal (Year 3) 35% off of the current license configuration cost
3rd Renewal (Year 4) 40% off of the current license configuration cost
4th Renewal (Year 5) 65% off of the current license configuration cost
Further Renewals (Years 6+) 75% off of the current license configuration cost

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