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Premium Support

Looking for extra help and resources? Check out how Premium Support stacks up against our already amazing standard support. It's just $5 per month per user, and included with the hosted Axosoft Product Suite. Learn more

Support Feature



Awesome email-based support

Awesome phone-based support

Priority support status

2-hour implementation session

1-1 optimization session every 6 months

Axosoft University live web training classes with your team

Axosoft University training video archive

Start shipping your software faster, today.

Compare product features

Subscribing to a product enables its features within the entire Axosoft interface.

Tracking items

Track and manage user stories

Track and manage defects

Track and manage customer incidents

Track and manage tasks
(extra custom item type)

Create subitems

Managing projects and backlogs

Create unlimited projects

Stack ranking items

Organize into releases

Release capacity planning

Kanban planning board view


Design customized field templates

Create unlimited custom fields

Set up flexible email notifications

Design unlimited custom workflows

Create powerful user security roles

Monitoring progress

Track work estimates

Measure velocity

Generate burndown charts

Management dashboard

Working with your customers

Track your customers and contacts

Turn inbound emails into items

Set up a Customer Portal

Collaborative project wiki

Create and modify wiki pages

Easily organize wiki pages

Track wiki change history

Pricing FAQ

Do all users have to subscribe to all modules I select?
Yes, all users must subscribe to all of the individual Axosoft products that you choose.
Do I get a discount for an annual subscription as opposed to monthly?
Yes, if you pre-purchase for the year you will receive 2 months free.
What are my payment options?
The default is credit card, but for orders over $3,000.00 we can do purchase order.
Can I add and remove user licenses as needed?
Yes, you completely control the addition or removal of users and modules in the Account Administration section of your app.
Do you offer non-profit and/or academic discounts?
Yes we do, please contact to find out more.
How do I get a quote?
Please contact or call 800.653.0024x1.
Do you allow for named licensing or floating?
We allow for named licensing only. Reallocation of your user licences is simple. View Managing Users to learn more.
Do we work with resellers?
Yes we do, please contact for more information.