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Working with Customers

Customers for Customer Portal represent actual users, or contacts, which are associated with a Company. A Company can have multiple contacts associated with it. The customer list on the Manage Customers window displays a list of all the companies in Axosoft and the number of contacts associated to each company.

Managing Customer Portal Customers

Although the Customer Portal web site can be set up to allow anonymous access to defects and features, chances are that you will want to restrict access to the site to only registered customers. You can manage the registered customers through Axosoft using the Manage Customers menu option under Tools Customer Portal Customers.

You can import customer contact using a .csv file by clicking on the More button at the top and then mapping over the fields.

Adding a Contact

To add a new customer contact to an existing company, from the Edit Customer window, in the Contacts section, click the Add button.

In the Contact Details section, type in the customer's first and last names, email address (which will be their login for the Customer Portal web site), the password and confirmation, a phone number if applicable, and the customer's status (“Approved”, “Rejected”, or “New”).

Editing a Contact

Select a customer contact and press the Edit button to display the Edit Contact page.

Importing Customers

To import customer and contacts using a .csv file, click on More at the top of the page and select Import Customers.

Deleting a Company or Customer Contact

To delete a company and all of its customer contacts: from the Manage Customers window, select the company and click the Delete Customer icon under Actions in Web. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the company.

To delete a customer you must first select the customer from the Contacts section and click the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of the customer.