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Working with the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal allows customers to create and edit tickets, without needing a full Axosoft user account.

General Settings

To configure general settings for the Customer Portal, go to Tools Customer Portal Customer Portal Settings. The General Settings are the first set of settings that come up when you bring up the Customer Portal Settings.

Base URL for Customer Portal is the URL where the Customer Portal is installed (Axosoft Installed only). Replace the default entry with your own URL. This URL is used by Axosoft and the Customer Portal when sending out notification emails to customers as a quick link for the customer.

You can control whether you want to allow customers to register themselves on the Customer Portal web site. If the Allow customers to self register checkbox is checked, Axosoft will place a link on the Customer Portal site where customers can go and enter in their company and contact information to register themselves in Customer Portal. Otherwise registration of new customers would be only done through Axosoft itself.

If you allow customers to self-register, you can also choose whether you want the customers to be automatically approved so they can use the Customer Portal right away, or if you want the approval process to be handled manually through Axosoft. If the Require customers to be approved before access is granted checkbox is checked then an Axosoft user will have to approve the customer before they can use the Customer Portal web site. You can select Send email notification when a new user registers box to have the system send an email when a new user registers. The text box below the checkbox allows control over who will receive notifications when customers are waiting to be approved for access to Customer Portal.

Grid Settings

The Defect Backlog Grid Settings and Product Backlog Grid Settings let you control which defect fields and feature fields are shown as columns in the main list on the Customer Portal web site, and in what order they should be displayed.

Check the fields that you wish to display as columns in the grids, and uncheck the ones you don't. You can then reorder the columns by entering the order number.

Appearance Settings

Appearance Settings let you customize the look of the Customer Portal web site by allowing you to change certain wording and images.

The Forgot Password text is displayed on the page that allows customers to retrieve their password when they forget it. Customers can get to this page using the Forgot Password link under the login button on the main Customer Portal page.

The Invalid Password text is displayed when customers try to log in with invalid credentials. This string is displayed above the login button on the main Customer Portal page, and it is only visible when an invalid email or password was used.

The Footer text is displayed at the bottom of all the pages in the Customer Portal web site, above the Axosoft copyright notice. You can use this string to display your own company's copyright notice.

The Registration Page text is displayed on the registration page when a customer self-registers. Customers can get to this page using the Register link under the login button on the main Customer Portal page, as well as using the Edit Profile link once they are logged in.

If you wish to replace the header image with your own, you can upload one here.

Security & Customer Default Settings

The Customer Portal can be enabled to work for anonymous users, and not require customers to log in to view or report defects and features. Anonymous access can be control separately for defects and features.

On this screen you can select the security role that anonymous users will have, as well as new customers that sign up on the Customer Portal web page.

Customer Portal Field Templates

The Field Template used when Adding, Editing, or Viewing items in the Customer Portal is determined by the item's project. To change which template is being used, you can edit the project in the Organize Panel on the left (or All Projects to set globally) and select the desired template under Customer Portal on the left. Managing Projects