Field templates & custom fields

Customize Axosoft to track the information that's most important to you.

Field templates are at the core of Axosoft’s item tracking capabilities. A fresh Axosoft account will get you started tracking key item details including name, description, workflow step and team member assignment. But like the rest of Axosoft, field templates are highly configurable, so you can create new custom fields to track the specific information your processes require.

Anatomy of a field template

It only takes a few minutes to configure Axosoft field templates and track the information that’s most important to your team. Axosoft has default templates for each item type that can be altered to fit your needs. Teams can also create new templates for email notifications, Customer Portal users and more.

You can add, remove or reorganize fields in a template by dragging them into new positions. Fields can also be assigned default values, then set as required or locked for the template.

field template editor

Create your own custom fields

Axosoft’s customizability truly shines in the flexibility of these fields and templates. While Axosoft ships with a wide variety of preset fields, you'll be able to track any text, number, date and pick list your process requires.

All fields (including custom ones) can be used for more than just designing field templates. You’re able to sort, filter and group items by any field in the product backlog, then display those items on cards with key information in Card View, or as one way of using Axosoft Search. You can also create custom fields as additional details for your customers and their clients.

adding a new custom field

Axosoft Products that use Field Templates and Custom Fields

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