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With over 100,000 users from around the world, Axosoft has a great opportunity to educate more developers about Agile Project Management and make an impact on the software industry. On our own, we’ve sponsored agile events and hosted Scrum training sessions, but now we want to partner with companies that share our mission to build an even stronger Agile PM community. Join our partner program if you'd like to connect with our user-base or start building tools on the Axosoft platform.

  • App Creation – Do you have an idea how to make Axosoft even better? Great! Application creation is available for Axosoft. With easy-to-use RESTful APIs, you can reach thousands of Axosoft clients with useful applications that extend the Axosoft platform. Start building!
  • Integration Experts – Are you ready to help service thousands of clients' integration needs? Extending Axosoft has never been easier. With our RESTful APIs, Solution Providers have access to the tools they need to extend Axosoft to popular in-demand applications to thousands of clients. Start integrating!
  • Knowledge Experts – Would you like to expand your knowledge leadership, ideas, and reach to thousands of new prospects? Axosoft offers a diverse field of clientele with real business needs. Business consultants and thought leaders can team up with an award winning product suite to help extend your business practice, and our clients' knowledge. Start consulting!
  • Axosoft Reseller – If you currently sell developer tools and/or services to agile dev teams and want to add Axosoft as a product offering to your customer base, the Axosoft Reseller partnership might be appropriate for you. Start reselling!

frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to become a partner?
Nope, there is no cost to becoming an Axosoft partner.
Can I integrate my product with Axosoft?
Yes. Visit the Axosoft Developer Site to gain an understanding of our RESTful APIs.
I want to build an app for Axosoft, can you help me decide what to build?
Yes. Please contact our Customer Success Team, and we can provide you with some insights as to what our customers are asking for and what we believe would be popular Axosoft addons.
What kind of API key do I need?
If you are building an app that you want to distribute widely, you will need a Public API Key. These types of apps are meant to run on many instances of Axosoft. On the other hand, if you would like to build an app for (or to extend) your own instance of Axosoft, you will not need a Public API Key. Please visit the Axosoft Developer Site for more information and to request your Public API Key.
Can I charge users for an Axosoft integration that I build?
Yes. You can charge for the Axosoft addons and extensions that you build.
How do I list my app on your website?
The first step is to submit your Axosoft Partnership request, by completing the form on this page. Then our team will review your app, list it on our Integrations and Addons page. During the review process, we can also help you with best practices.