Improve every aspect of your team's Scrum process

Axosoft has the features Scrum teams need to collaborate better and ship software faster.

A straightforward, intuitive interface

It’s easier to get things done with Axosoft’s clear, single-page UI.

Organize your projects
Organize your releases & sprints
Manage users & teams
Associate stories with customers
Integrate with other Axosoft tools
Management dashboard
Highly configurable backlog view
Customizable item cards
Full-text search
Create subitems
Kanban board interface
Daily Scrum mode
Easy access to tools & options
Instantly view details for any item
Drag and drop file attachments
Easily track work logs
Keep notes with Scratchpad

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Track the information your Scrum team needs

Axosoft's core tracking features help you record and manage key details.

Collect the right details

Fully customizable and flexible field templates make it easy to gather important information about your backlog items, such as estimates, repro steps, associated customers, and much, much more. You can develop different templates for each project, or by workflow step, and lock down individual data fields by user role.

Fields and field templates

Axosoft customized field templates

Populate your backlog quickly

Axosoft's keyboard shortcuts and fast, intuitive interface make adding new items, projects, releases, users, teams, and more incredibly easy and quick. It's just one part of our mission to get you back to coding as soon as possible.

Create unlimited projects

You can create as many projects in Axosoft as you need to organize your development, as well as subprojects and epics to break things down. Keep things more straightforward for your development team by enforcing access privileges to projects by user role.

Easily plan releases and sprints

Break down your backlog and organize user stories into short iterations.

Iterate with ease

We make it easy to take your product backlog and divide it into actionable versions, releases, and sprints. Axosoft's drag and drop interface enables you to quickly add user stories to those releases and sprints.

Sprint & release planning

creating a new release in Axosoft adding an item to a sprint

Prioritize intelligently

Try giving Axosoft Scrum's stack ranking mode a spin before you begin filling up releases. This special workspace view allows key users to rank backlog items as needed, and revisit this ranking order later even after you've set releases up.

Know your development limits

By defining the estimated amount of time it will take to finish items, you can start seeing how long a given sprint will take as you build it out. Our capacity indicators can help set limits so you're not assigning too much work to the sprint.

Group users into teams

You can't get anything done in those releases without team members! Add users to Axosoft and organize them into teams. Backlog items can be associated with either individual users or entire teams. You can create detailed team hierarchies and add specific users to multiple teams.

Team management

assigning an item to a team

Define and visualize your process

Built with Kanban and automation goodness to ensure development is on the right track.

Master the art of Kanban

Our Card View mode takes your backlog, release, or sprint and converts that list into a fully interactive card board. Move individual user stories through workflow steps with drag and drop, enforce work-in-process (WIP) limits, and highlight the key details you need to see on your backlog items.

Card View

Axosoft card view kanban board

Powerful automation tools

Axosoft's flexible workflow options help you adapt your current development process to the tool. Create workflow steps and drag and drop them in the order you need. You can have different workflows for both user stories and defects, and unique workflows for each project.

Advanced triggers and actions

You can fully customize each workflow step as needed: change fields or field templates, enforce WIP limits, send notifications, control workflow step changes by user role, and much more.

Workflow automation

Collaborate and ship software on time

Turn your team's work logs into valuable progress analysis.

The Daily Scrum

As the #1 Scrum software, we're committed to making all aspects of Scrum development easier and more fruitful. To that end, we've even improved your team's daily standups. Our signature Daily Scrum mode organizes all the work information you need everyday, to help team members discuss their progress, solve any issues, and see how they'll meet their goals.

Daily Scrum

Axosoft Daily Scrum for standups

Intelligent burndown charts

The burndown chart found in the Daily Scrum mode, dashboards, and above your backlog workspace helps illustrate your team's progress in a given release, measuring velocity and projecting an approximate ship date. It's essential stuff.

Burndown charts

Track estimates and work logs

Axosoft offers a number of ways to help collect the work log data needed for all of its analysis tools. Users can manually log work or be prompted to do so on workflow step change. You can also log work with source control commits, or with stopwatch addons.

Tracking work logs

Management dashboards

Our beautiful, full configurable management dashboards offer a bird's eye view of development. With widgets for burndown charts, ship dates, team velocities, and other key metrics, Axosoft's dashboards leave no stone unturned in project visibility and analysis.

Management dashboards

Axosoft management dashboards

Other great Axosoft Scrum features

We’ve made sure Axosoft has everything a successful Scrum team needs.

Robust notification systems

Keep teammates in the know with our customizable email notifications, pushing critical info to the right people. Let them know when fields are changed, items are moved, tasks are neglected, and much more.



Assess the success of your team and project with Axosoft Reports. Reports respect the settings of your existing backlog view, so it just takes one click to create a report from what you’re currently seeing.

Axosoft Report Manager

Role-based security

Enforce user privileges with powerful role-based security options. Decide which users can modify certain fields, work in certain projects, create reports, perform administrative tasks, and more.

Filters and workspace views

Filter your backlogs by any kind of parameter to retrieve data you need instantly. Utilize these filters in reporting, notifications, dashboards, and more. Plus, save commonly used workspace views and share them with your team.

Powerful full-text search

Custom in-app terminology

Associate items with customers

Audit trails & history

Scratchpad notetaker

Mobile-optimized web view

Integrations and addons

Axosoft can connect to an ever-growing number of services and tools using the Axosoft API. Integrations are maintained by both Axosoft and third parties, allowing you to hook into tools for source control, chat, test case management, and more. Check them out on our Integrations and Addons page.

Expand beyond Scrum

As your team grows, you may need more than a product backlog. That’s why we’ve developed a whole suite of tools that work together to help your team be a leaner, meaner Scrum machine.

Axosoft Bug Tracker (Free!)

We’ve created the best free bug tracking software for agile teams with an automated, customizable tool that moves your unique processes online. Plus, you'll be able to track how quickly your team eliminates bugs when you integrate with Axosoft Scrum!

Axosoft Help Desk

Help your product owner engage stakeholders with our help desk software’s Customer Portal. This hub lets clients provide ongoing input that is easily converted into defects or user stories with email-to-ticket automation.

Axosoft Wiki

Instead of scattering the team’s notes throughout your inbox, use our project wiki to centralize key information so everyone can access and edit documentation within the product backlog.

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