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Effectively manage product backlogs

Your team can get to work right away because Axosoft makes it easy to add new user stories to your backlog. Our interface then empowers you to quickly organize items into an unlimited number of projects and assign them to team members, so it’s clear how every sprint and release will get done.

Adding new user stories & defects

Populate your project backlogs in no time with Axosoft’s keyboard shortcuts. Pressing C accelerates your process by dropping down a quick-add form for the name of your next user story. You can also add more crucial details by using the tab key to open a customizable field template.

Design custom field templates
add a new user story

Rank your items

Instantly arrange user stories and defects in an order that suits your team goals with Axosoft’s stack ranking capabilities. Once items are prioritized you can incorporate subitems to break each feature down into actionable tasks.

stack ranking

Organize into projects and epics

Diversify your team’s work by creating as many projects and subprojects as needed. It just takes a few seconds to add one, drag in items and get working. Sub-projects are also a great way to represent epics that contain a large number of user stories.

manage projects

Custom filters and sharable views

Filter your backlogs by project, release, assigned user or custom field to retrieve information you need instantly. So everyone has quick access to crucial info like the key projects and releases, frequently used filters and views can be saved or shared with the rest of the team.

filter your backlog

Track your entire development team

Axosoft empowers teams to know who’s working on what in real time. In our system it's easy to assign user stories to each person with drag and drop, then monitor their progress.

assigning items to a user

Easily plan releases and sprints

Use Axosoft's drag and drop interface to quickly sort user stories into groups that populate your releases. Once a release or sprint has been planned, Axosoft gives you the power to find specific item sets with flexible filters, design workflow systems that fit your team's processes, and notify key members when user stories are added or changed. Customer incidents can also be analyzed in this way when you have Axosoft Help Desk and Customer Portal.

Plan releases and sprints

Make your process for planning sprints and releases more efficient using Axosoft. Our draggable user stories can be quickly added to a project until workload capacity is reached.

Sprint & release planning
assigning items to sprint

Kanban Planning Board

Our Card View mode allows for you to visualize your backlog in a truly intuitive way. See at a glance where user stories are in your workflows and drag and drop to move them along. Many of the same features of the normal Grid View, including filters and views, work great in Card View.

Kanban Planning Board
use card view to move items through your workflow

Automated process workflows

Customize Axosoft to fit your operation by choosing how items progress to completion. You can automate various workflow elements like who should be notified of changes, which team roles can move items from step to step, WIP limits, and what actions trigger a work log entry prompt.

Workflow & automation
workflow step editor

Role-based security

Mimic your team’s internal structure and set up security roles that define how much access each user has to your projects. You can create an unlimited number of roles, so everyone from Scrum Masters to support operatives will have what they need to make Axosoft an effective tool.

well it is the PM tool your team will love to use

Robust notification system

Keep teammates in the know with Axosoft’s notification system. The configurable settings automatically push critical information to the right people with email notifications. These updates can let them know when fields are changed, items are moved, tasks are neglected, and much more. Even customers can receive notifications to keep them in the loop!

notification editor

Quickly analyze burndown velocity

Knowing if you'll ship on time is crucial to project success. That’s why Axosoft Scrum helps you monitor and analyze your team’s progress with burndown charts. These charts use your team's work logs to create a trend line that represents "velocity" and predicts whether your sprints and releases are on track.

Track work estimates

Find out how well your team is progressing through a project with Axosoft’s ability to track the amount of completed work in your backlog. First, our system ensures your team is submitting work log entries via workflow steps, source control commits, and more. Then, once you have all that data, our visual tools illustrate the progress of your sprints and release.

Track work logs

Generate Scrum burndown charts

Know when your team is expected to complete a release by using burndown charts to illustrate daily progress. These burndown charts are created by tallying up the estimated work remaining per day and calculating a burndown velocity, a formula that predicts a project’s ship date. This information also allows teams to make informed decisions, re-allocate resources and adjust releases as necessary.

Scrum burndown charts

Management dashboards

Gain project insight by viewing relevant information in a clear, concise way from Axosoft’s customizable management dashboard. You can think of the Axosoft Dashboard as a reward for tracking estimates, work logs and other important development information because it interprets all that data to provide meaningful, real-time information, without any additional effort from your team.

Management dashboard

Organize daily standups

With Axosoft's Daily Scrum feature, you'll have all the information easily available for your team when you begin your daily standup meeting. A timer keeps things moving while team members discuss what they've worked on, items still on their plate, and any issues they've encountered.

Daily Scrum

Audit Trails & History

Know the history of your process by accessing Axosoft’s audit trails. This feature tracks all item modifications to create a detailed set of audit information that tracks when a change was made, who made it, whether attachments were added, and more.

Intelligent Reporting

Assess the success of your team and project with Axosoft Reports. Reports respect the settings of your existing backlog view, so it just takes one click to create a report from what you’re currently seeing. You can customize this output with the Report Manager & Designer.

Axosoft Report Manager & Designer

Integrate with the tools you use

Accommodate your team's unique development needs by utilizing Axosoft’s built-in support for popular development environments and source control solutions. Our RESTful APIs also allow your team to craft their own solutions and hook in to other programs they love.

Visual Studio plugin

Stay on top of important items without leaving the development environment by utilizing our Visual Studio integration tool. We've made our Axosoft extension as agile as your dev team by bringing in key features of Axosoft without impeding on your existing processes.

Visual Studio Extension

Team Foundation Server

While Team Foundation Server is often considered an essential source control solution for Visual Studio users, the tool's limited item tracking capabilities can make in-depth project management difficult. Fortunately, the integration with Axosoft provides additional reports and workflows to enhance analysis opportunities.

Hooking into your team's TFS is a breeze with Axosoft, so now your code and your task items will be accessible anywhere!

Hook into GitHub

Your team can get back to coding even faster when you hook Axosoft into your existing GitHub repositories. Every time a team member commits and adds a small amount of additional data to the summary, GitHub will immediately send that information to your Axosoft database. From there, it's easy to track the amount of work spent on each commit, and use commits to move items through your workflow.

Source Control Integration

Axosoft offers robust source control capabilities for any SCM tool that can be adapted with our API. In addition to TFS and Github, we also have built-in support for TortoiseSVN.

Create your own toolkit

Help your dev team do even more with Axosoft’s support for RESTful APIs that expand the functionality of Axosoft Scrum. The Axosoft API currently supports managing projects, releases, features, defects and tasks, so the program’s core functionalities can be integrated with other applications your dev teams use. The API is built with security and modern development in mind, so it also includes support for OAuth2 and output in JSON.

API Documentation

Expand beyond Scrum

As your team grows, you may need more than a product backlog. That’s why we’ve developed a whole suite of tools that work together to help your team be a leaner, meaner Scrum machine.

Bug Tracker Just $1 /year!

We’ve created the best bug tracking software for agile teams with a customizable, automated environment that takes your unique processes online. As a bonus, you can track how quickly the team eliminates bugs when you integrate with Axosoft Scrum.

Learn more

Help Desk

Help your product owner engage stakeholders with our help desk software’s Customer Portal. This hub lets clients provide ongoing input that is easily converted into defects or user stories with email-to-ticket automation.

Learn more


Instead of scattering the team’s notes throughout your inbox, use our project wiki to centralize key information so everyone can access and edit documentation within the product backlog.

Learn more

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