Keep your docs organized

Axosoft Wiki allows your dev team to create & share documents associated with your projects.

Keep all your development resources in one place with Axosoft Wiki. Coding guidelines, notes and knowledge bases can be posted to encourage commentary and team editing. Your team will increase its efficiency when essential, shared information is at their fingertips in Axosoft, the same place they organize projects and backlogs.

Integrate wiki documents with existing projects

Use project folders created with Axosoft Scrum, Bug Tracker or Help Desk to organize your wiki pages and incorporate key conversations with the right sprints and releases.

Your team can also easily access their group conversations with Wiki’s dynamic table of contents that updates when new information is added, and built-in search.

the team wiki table of contents

Encourage team editing and commentary

It's easy to create team rosters, brainstorming sheets and product roadmaps everyone can edit in Axosoft Wiki. Collaboration capabilities are heightened when key information has one location and many authors. In addition to these public documents, your team can also create wikis that are only viewable to select security roles, so certain groups can collaborate separately.

In some cases, your team may want to remark on a document without changing what’s already written. That’s why our commenting system allows teammates to discuss documents alongside the original content. Change histories for any wiki page are also available to view, so key information is never lost.

editing a wiki document

Set privileges and notifications for key users

To keep your collaborative efforts organized, security may be necessary to ensure only authorized users can see, edit and interact with wiki documents. It's also easy to setup email notifications for these users so they are alerted to wiki changes in real time.


With Axosoft Help Desk's Customer Portal feature, your team can also enable public visibility on certain documents that need to be shared with customers or clients.

Customer Portal

Centralize your development resources

Nothing is worse than hunting for key information through your inbox, folders and shared file. That's why our wiki tool was made to enhance developer collaboration within your product and defect backlogs.


Your team can manage product backlogs, sprints and user stories in Axosoft Scrum. They'll love the automated burndown charts, customizable workflows and easy access to developer notes when you itegrate these two tools.

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Bug Tracker Just $1 /year!

We’ve created the best bug tracking software for agile organizations by allowing teams to quickly assign new bugs to releases or users, move them through a variety of custom workflows, and share defect documentation on our itegrated platform.

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Help Desk

The combination of our help desk software and Wiki will enable your team to resolve customers' support issues faster with email-to-ticket automation, canned responses, in-app threads and shared best practice sheets that are editable within the tool.

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