Life at Axosoft

Software is about connections. And we are a company based on those connections: humans to machines; machines to products; products to progress.

We come to work every day because we like solving problems. We are a team that thrives on that rush you get when you’ve been thinking about a problem for hours, days, even months, and then bam! you come up with the solution. That is what drives us. That is our everyday amazing. Want to be amazing with us?

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Our purpose

We build elegant, easy-to-use project management software for over 11,000 development teams who are creating software and solutions that improve the world.

We believe in people over process, in communication over guessing and culture over rules.

We exist to help great software get built and to make developers’ lives easier.

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Tech culture in Arizona

#WhyAZ campaign

We’re located in Arizona, a burgeoning tech oasis full of software developer jobs. Home to a multitude of tech companies and start-ups, we know we have a responsibility to help keep talent in the state and growth in the sector.

We frequently host meetups and codeathons for agile and developer groups at our offices, and partner with organizations with similar missions. It’s part of our DNA to show startups that they too can succeed. Our doors are open and we share what we know. There’s no secret to success, but there is hard work.

Diversity in tech? Yes please! We created the #ItWasNeverADress campaign, which went viral and was featured in news outlets across the world. We help keep the conversation about women in software engineer jobs and other STEAM fields alive by holding events and actively participating in a dialogue about how to solve the lack of diversity in the tech space.

We take risks and we iterate fiercely. We fail sometimes, but when we do, we do it quickly. It makes triumph swifter; it makes success sweeter.

We don't have perks.

What we do have is strong culture born from our beliefs. This way of being is infused in our work and family lives. We believe in:


Axosoft Values


Being happy and doing things that make you & others happy


Do unto others as you'd have done unto you

Seeking Knowledge

Constant improvement and the hunger to know

Critical Thinking

Intelligent, new ways of looking at problems

Taking Smart Risks

Trying new things and not being afraid of what happens

Being Agile

Getting things done, responding to change, and people over process


Doing what you say and admitting mistakes

Leading & Following

Knowing when to lead and when to follow


Err on the side of communicating too much and sharing important news

Sense of Urgency

Making smart and timely decisions over making perfect decisions

Open positions

We’re hiring, but not just anyone! We’re looking for people who are leaders and also team players—a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.

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