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Hosted by us

Hosted on our state-of-the-art data centers worldwide

Installed by you

Install in your own environment under your control


For established dev teams


per user

Billed annually


per user

Billed monthly


Customer support + enterprise


per user

Billed annually


per user

Billed monthly


Includes all features


per user

Minimum 5 users

Annual billing only

  • All features in Premium
  • Install in your own environment

Renew your Installed license each year for 35% of its configuration cost.

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Pricing (billed annually) Switch billing cycle $8/mo
per user
per user
per user
Hosted professionally by Axosoft
Installed in your environment
Create, track & manage work items
Track unlimited work items
Epics (big features)
User stories (features)
Bugs (issues)
Tasks (to-do)
Group, filter and summarize by type
Track status and workflow per item
Auto-trigger actions on workflow step
Hierarchical project tracking
Number of projects and subprojects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Security permissions by project
Full Scrum support
Stack rank items
Release planner
Capacity management
Daily standup tool
Burndown charts
Velocity calculator
Ship date estimator
Full Kanban support
WIP limits
Kanban board view
Powerful customization
Unlimited custom fields
Customizable workflow
Customizable field template
Customizable security roles
TV-ready dashboards & live reports
Customizable visual dashboards
Share dashboard links publicly
Dashboard gadgets
Brandable self-service portal
External users can add & view items
Self-registration for external users
Unlimited Portal-specific accounts
Help desk & email ticketing
Track unlimited support tickets
Track customer & contacts by ticket
Turn emails into support incident tickets
Reply to emails from inside Axosoft
Use canned responses
Powerful wiki
Create and track unlimited wiki documents
Collaborate on document creation
Organize wiki pages by project
Powerful wiki page security
Enterprise features
Unlimited workflow templates Limit 1
Unlimited field templates Limit 1
Use different templates per project
Unlimited security roles Limit 7
Active Directory Integration for Login
Customer Success benefits
Phone and email support
Onboarding & implementation sessions Available for purchase
Free resources & documentation
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Onboarding and implementation sessions

Axosoft provides hands-on configuration of your projects and workflows, plus training for your team members. 2-hour sessions are included with Axosoft Premium and Installed. For a fee, these sessions can be extended and are also available for Axosoft Professional. Contact our Customer Success team to learn more.

Professional services

On top of the great Customer Success benefits that come with Axosoft, we also have additional paid service options. From data migration, to professional implementation (and everything in between), our team can help customize Axosoft to your exact needs.

View Professional Services

“Our company is 8 years old, and we’ve been using Axosoft for the majority of that time. Having a hosted account and really good access for our customers was a big part of why we chose Axosoft. Not to mention, it’s one of the less expensive, high-quality solutions out there—it became even more reasonably priced when we factored in the unlimited customer contacts we can have in the Portal. Our bill went down significantly, and we’re very happy.”

Brendan Keyhoe CEO & Owner
Kebrite Solutions

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

Can I skip the trial and immediately buy Axosoft?

Sure! Just create an Axosoft account using our trial signup form, and reach out to our sales team for next steps, or use the blue Upgrade button in-app to make a purchase at any time during your trial.

What is your refund policy?

Axosoft has a 30–Day Money Back Guarantee for a full and prompt refund, if you are at all unsatisfied.

What are my payment options?

The default option is credit card, but for orders over $3,000.00 we can do purchase orders.

Do you offer non-profit and/or academic accounts?

Yes. Please contact sales@axosoft.com to find out more.

If you are a student working in a team that needs an agile project management tool for your coursework, check out our free student accounts. Restrictions apply.

How do I get a quote?

Please contact sales@axosoft.com or call 800.653.0024, extension 1.

Do you work with resellers?

Yes. Visit our Partnerships page for more information.

Managing Users

Can I add and remove user licenses as needed?

Yes. For hosted plans, add or remove users in the Account Administration screen in your Axosoft Tools menu. Axosoft Installed users can modify their license by logging into their account here.

Do you allow for named licensing or floating?

We allow for named licensing only. Reallocation of your user licenses (activating and deactivating users) is simple. View our Managing Users documentation page to learn more.

Axosoft Installed

What are the installation requirements for Axosoft Installed?

Axosoft Installed requires Microsoft SQL Express 2008+ and the .NET Framework 4.5. For complete details navigate to System Requirements.

What is the best way to setup Axosoft Installed?

Axosoft Premier (included with Axosoft Installed) has a 2-hour implementation session, perfect for helping you set up. Find out more about Axosoft's implementation sessions on our Professional Services page.

What are the ongoing costs for Axosoft Installed? How do I renew my benefits?

To extend product updates, support, and Axosoft Premier beyond 1 year, renewals are available. Renewal costs are equal to 35% of your license configuration cost. You can renew by logging into your account here.

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