Scrum and Bug Tracking Software

See how our tools can support your Agile processes

Plan Sprints and Releases Accurately

Release Planner Screenshot

Axosoft Release Planner allows you to see the capacity of your sprint, team, and team members at a glance.

Stack Rank Image

Stack Ranking
Use Rank Mode to stack rank your items from highest to lowest priority in your backlog.

Estimating image

Estimate accurately using minutes, hours, days, weeks or even story points.

Visualize and Communicate Progress

Cardview Screenshot

Axosoft's Card View is a fully interactive kanban board that allows you to visualize item statuses and progress.

Item Cards Image

Item Cards
Edit item cards, add work logs and easily see work-in-progress limits.

Drag and Drop Image

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop items from one workflow step to the next.

Workflows Image

Enable built-in or custom workflows to enforce various processes per project.

Daily Scrum Image

Daily Scrum
Use Daily Scrum Mode to frequently communicate progress and obstacles.

Monitor Progress and Release On Time

Dashboard Screenshot
Item Chart icon

Item Chart

Burndown icon


Speedometer icon


Cycle Time icon

Cycle Time

Work Remaining icon

Work Remaining

Projected Ship Date icon

Projected Ship Date

Flow Chart icon

Flow Chart

Estimation vs actual icon

Estimated vs Actual