Our reliability and security

Axosoft offers a hosted, Software-as-a-Service version of the award-winning Axosoft software product. We commit a great deal of effort to ensure the security and reliability of the hosted Axosoft application and its customer data. These measures include secure data centers for hosting, limited physical server access, multiple levels of network security and redundancy, real-time monitoring, and off-site backups and data retention. This document highlights some of the details of our infrastructure for Axosoft hosted accounts.

Datacenter infrastructure

Axosoft's servers are hosted in multiple state-of-the-art datacenters around the world. Every US-based data center that Axosoft uses is SOC I Type II certified, undergoing annual third-party audits of all management, hosting, network services, and operating procedures. Access to the datacenter by authorized personnel is controlled via pass-cards and/or biometric finger scan units, and physical security is provided 24/7/365 and monitored by closed-circuit television systems and on-site security teams. Climate control and heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems adhere to all ASHRAE Guidelines, while redundant power in the form of diesel generators and UPS systems provide uninterrupted power, cooling, and connectivity. Axosoft is also proud to partner with datacenter operators and hosts who are members of The Green Grid®, a global consortium working towards resource and energy efficiency at all levels of the information technology ecosystem.

Server & network infrastructure

All servers used to provide Axosoft hosted service are either dedicated physical or virtual machines exclusively for Axosoft to provision and manage. All servers were designed to provide redundancy and reliability at every level, including multi-core, multi-CPU systems, ECC memory modules to detect and correct data corruption in real time, multiple network interfaces, and all data stored on dedicated, robust RAID storage arrays providing data redundancy and integrity, along with hot-swappable drives for zero-loss, zero-impact recovery in the event of drive failure or routine maintenance. Network-level security and redundancy includes redundant WAN connectivity providers at the datacenter edge.

Application design

Our Axosoft hosted application has been architected from the ground up to be a reliable and secure solution. Designed in-house by our own Scottsdale, Arizona-based Software Development and Network team, every release of Axosoft goes through extensive testing to ensure data integrity for upgrades, optimization for performance and data security.

Application communication

All Axosoft hosted data transmission to and from users is done through SSL-encrypted sessions. This type of encrypted transmission helps ensure data integrity during transmission and reduces the likelihood of data hijacking or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Monitoring & backups

The entire Axosoft hosted infrastructure is proactively monitored by Axosoft 24 hours a day with immediate notifications sent to our IT staff in the event of network, server, services or application failures. Each datacenter also maintains its own network operations center (NOC) at each physical datacenter location.

Axosoft status information, and planned maintenance schedules can also be found on our Axosoft System Status page.

Both differential and full database backups are performed hourly/daily (respectively), and are stored both on-site and off-site for a period of up to 30 days. We utilize warm-standby servers at multiple physical locations that are ready to be put into production at a moment's notice in the event of full server failure or loss of datacenter connectivity. We also implement quick-update DNS changes to facilitate rapid fail-over, as well as additional procedures to significantly reduce any potential downtime.

Privacy policy

Axosoft takes customer privacy seriously. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.