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established 2002scottsdale, arizona

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About Axosoft

Hamid Shojaee founded Axosoft in 2002 as a software project manager frustrated with the tools available. He created the foundation for what is today a powerful, agile project management software used by over 11,000 software development teams across the globe. The software was once called OnTime, but today the software and company name are one and the same: Axosoft.

The current CEO, Lawdan Shojaee, has continued to cultivate a fun, creative and innovative culture. Axosoft is also playing an integral role in growing the tech ecosystem in Arizona by hosting codathons at their office, sponsoring agile and developer groups, mentoring, speaking at tech conferences, and creating partnerships with organizations that have similar missions.

Axosoft Values

Being happy and doing things that make you & others happy
Do unto others as you'd have done unto you
Seeking Knowledge
Constant improvement; the hunger to know
Intelligence & Critical Thinking
New ways of looking at problems
Taking Smart Risks
Trying new things; not being afraid
Being Agile
Getting things done; responding to change; people over process
Doing what you say; admitting mistakes
Leading & Following
Knowing when to lead and when to follow
Err on the side of communicating too much; sharing important news
Sense of Urgency
Making smart and timely decisions over making perfect decisions

Join the team

At the foundation of Axosoft’s tool is the agile methodology. What that means is that our product focuses on people over process, champions collaboration, embraces change, and lends itself to moving quickly, innovatively and consciously. Our culture at Axosoft mimics this creative software development process. We over-communicate, work in collaborative teams and workspaces, and are constantly innovating.

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