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Current Version:

Released: April 17th, 2014

English language only

OnTime Web Server

The core installation that allows your users to access your team's Axosoft installation from any modern web browser.


OnTime Services

A required package for managing POP/IMAP email accounts for notifications, Help Desk, and more.


Customer Portal

This package allows your customers and other stakeholders to have limited access to your database: requesting features, reporting bugs, submit tickets, and view public backlogs and wiki pages.


Report Designer

This tool enables you to design and generate reports on Axosoft data such as items and work logs.


We are looking to improve our reporting system and we'd love to hear your ideas on how you use the current tool, and new ways to meet your reporting needs. If you would be interested in answering a few questions, email us at

OnTime Requirements

Database server

  • SQL Server 2008 or 2012
    (or use SQL Express 2008 or 2012, download free here)
  • 1+ GB RAM (2+ GB recommended)

Web server

  • Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  • IIS 7 or 8
  • .NET Framework 4.5
Important: .NET Framework 4.5

Axosoft OnTime 13+ requires .NET Framework 4.5, which is not compatible with Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. If you're running OnTime Web, Customer Portal, or Remote Server on a Windows Server 2003 OS, you'll need to install Axosoft OnTime 13+ web components on Windows Server 2008 or higher. Also, on any installation of OnTime Web, Customer Portal, or Remote Server you'll also need to change the application pool settings to use the .NET v4.0 Framework.

Users' browsers

  • Google Chrome 17+
  • Mozilla Firefox 10+
  • Apple Safari 5.0+
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Internet Explorer 9–10

Need help installing? Watch our installation videos

Skip the install! Sign up with hosted and immediately start working in Axosoft from the cloud. We also migrate existing OnTime installs to hosted as well. Contact us to learn more.

Addon downloads.

These addons are available for both hosted and installed users. They will require an OnTime Web login, so either OnTime with Web Server installed or a hosted Axosoft account is required. For more information about addons, or to see addons made by others, visit the Addons & Apps page.

Addon information


Visual Studio Extension

Work with your Axosoft product and defect backlogs from with the Visual Studio dev environment.


Axosoft 13.3+

Visual Studio 2010+

TFS Server Plugin

Install this tool on your TFS server to enable TFS integration in Axosoft.


Axosoft 13.3+

TFS 2012: .NET Framework 4.0

TFS 2010: .NET Framework 3.5

TortoiseSVN Plugin

This plugin integrates Axosoft with your Tortoise Subversion code repository, linking code changes to items in Axosoft.


Axosoft 13.2+ users can download their version here.

Axosoft 13.3+

Windows only

Axosoft Stopwatch

Stopwatch helps pinpoint time tracked on your items, ensuring better accuracy than arbitrary estimates.


Axosoft 14.1+

Windows only

.NET Framework 4.5

User Importer

Quickly import users from a CSV file and assign them security roles.


Axosoft 13.2.1+

Windows only