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Axosoft Integrates with Retrace

Now you can export errors reported by Retrace directly into Axosoft

Written by Matt Watson

Life Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Gone are the days of manually inputting Retrace errors into Axosoft. With Stackify’s latest Retrace update, you can automatically export Retrace errors to Axosoft for seamless project execution from dev to pre-prod, and through sprints and releases.

Retrace is the only APM tool that allows integration with Axosoft’s Scrum project management software. Axosoft and Stackify have partnered on this integration so developers can work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Developers now have the power to:

  • Easily track errors from identification to resolution
  • Save time for what really matters
  • Test earlier and more often

Track Errors with Ease

Export errors from Retrace to Axosoft as they occur, with a simple click of a button. Once exported, easily assign the error item card to team members for quick resolutions. No manual imports required.

Save Time Fixing Bugs

Retrace and Axosoft’s integration allows you to be more efficient with your time and avoid error bottlenecks. We know a developer’s time is precious and cannot be wasted with tedious, unnecessary tasks. Expediting the error identification process, and now the error resolution process, allows developers to focus on what really matters: creating stunning applications.

Test Early and More Often

Syncing Retrace errors with Axosoft’s Scrum project management software empowers developers to implement “Shift Left” practices. Testing for bugs often and early in the development process saves time and energy (as well as headaches). Quickly catching and resolving issues as they occur makes hitting releases more achievable than ever.

Configuring Axosoft in Retrace

To initiate the Axosoft integration, a Retrace account admin must first configure the integration by going to SettingsIntegrationsAxosoft.

The user will be prompted by Axosoft to allow Stackify to access their Axosoft team. Stackify will automatically inherit the permissions of the Axosoft user who initiated the connection between Retrace and Axosoft and will act as that user as issues are exported to Axosoft.

After the integration is complete, users in Retrace can simply select the Share button from the details of an error to begin the export to Axosoft.

Similar to Retrace’s other integrations, users will find an Axosoft option in the Error Details pop up. Customize your Share options to the specific error, then click Create, and your error will be exported to Axosoft for tracking.

Starting Saving Time

See how the Retrace and Axosoft integration will empower your dev team to create applications with more efficiency than ever.

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