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Introducing the New TransferBigFiles.com

Written by Hamid Shojaee

This past weekend, we released a major new update to the TransferBigFiles.com site. The update features:

  • A brand new user interface that looks nicer and is much easier to use!
  • Streamlined interactions to eliminate unnecessary page loads making the site much faster!
  • New contact management features which add drag-and-drop contact grouping so you can easily send transfers to a whole group of people
  • A new tutorial system that shows you how to use the new TransferBigFiles.com interface
  • A new “Favorites” feature to quickly see the transfers that are important to you

As with the major release of OnTime a few weeks ago, the new TransferBigFiles.com updates are all about continuously making the product easier to use and super fast while maintaining an exceptionally low price.