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OnTime 2009 Beta 1 Released

Written by Hamid Shojaee

Axosoft customers are accustomed to getting a major new release of OnTime each and every year, and 2009 will be no different. As OnTime V9.0 has started to take shape we are excited to preview some of the new features that are going to make shipping software more manageable than ever for our customers.

For this release, we focused on providing a robust release-planning system along with improved project and schedule visibility. With that in mind, here is a partial list of some of the new features in OnTime V9 Beta 1:

  • Release Management – OnTime will now allow software development teams to track products, releases and even the milestones (or sprints) that go into making those releases possible. Release notes will be easier than ever, and product visibility will be largely improved as a result.
  • Customizable Project Dashboard – The new project dashboard provides an unprecedented visual representation of all the data inside your OnTime system. With a quick glance, you’ll be able to see a summary of everything that is going on with all of your projects. Scrum teams will be excited to know that the New Project Dashboard also includes Burndown charts.
  • Wiki Improvements – The built-in Wiki in OnTime has proven to be an exceptionally valuable tool for software development teams, and with V9 we are adding notifications (for page modifications) and a commenting system.
  • Voting – How do you know which features or bugs are most important to your customers? Let them vote on it through the OnTime Customer Portal. Voting is a major new feature in OnTime that will allow teams to quickly prioritize feature and defect lists.
  • Lots More Stuff – There are a lot more features in Beta 1, like beefed up Tasks, deep project copy, a redesigned report management system and more. Plus we have even more improvements coming in Beta 2.

Here are the links related to the OnTime V9 Beta 1:

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Normally, with the release of a new Beta, I write one blog post where I cover all of the new functionality. However, with V9, I think there is just too much to cover in a single blog post, so I’m going to write several blog posts over the coming days that will each focus on a category of features. Stay tuned or subscribe to the RSS feed (or subscribe via email), so you can see detailed coverage of all the new features that are coming in OnTime 2009.