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Want to connect with more than 100,000 software users from 11,000 global companies? We can help you do that. Our wide-range of clients affords us, not just an opportunity to work together for shared success, but a responsibility to educate.

Through our partner programs, our aim is to to foster the understanding of agile and methodologies like Scrum, as well as team up with organizations to make an even bigger impact on the software industry.

Check out our four types of partners below. Chances are, there’s one that suits you, from connecting with our user base to building tools on the Axosoft platform. We even have programs designed for startups and students!

Which program suits you?

Referral Partner Program: Be the conduit between the end-customer and Axosoft. You have the flexibility to be as involved (or as uninvolved) in the sales process as you want, and you don’t need to be an Axosoft product expert. Simply refer opportunities to Axosoft and we’ll do the rest; or, if you prefer, you can manage the sales process and bring us in for support.

Certified VAR Partner Program: This tier is best suited for larger companies that choose to train their sales team to become Axosoft product experts and manage the entire sales process directly. Although this option requires advanced training, time and dedication, it also has the highest commissions.

Community Partner Program: Designed for organizations that support startups, co-working spaces, incubators or schools where Axosoft provides useful benefits to members.

Integration Partner Program: Designed for software products that would be complementary in nature to Axosoft; where an integration would add mutual value. We have a fairly extensive API.

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Is there a partner near you?

Axosoft's partners can be found around the globe.

More questions? Cool, we have answers.

Here are some frequently asked questions we get when it comes to our partnerships. You can always just email us anytime.

Is there a cost to become a partner?

Nope, there is no cost to becoming an Axosoft partner.

Can I integrate my product with Axosoft?

Yes. Visit the Axosoft Developer Site to gain an understanding of our RESTful APIs.

I want to build an app for Axosoft, can you help me decide what to build?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Success Team, and we can provide you with some insights as to what our customers are asking for and what we believe would be popular Axosoft addons.

What kind of API key do I need?

If you are building an app that you want to distribute widely, you will need a Public API Key. These types of apps are meant to run on many instances of Axosoft. On the other hand, if you would like to build an app for (or to extend) your own instance of Axosoft, you will not need a Public API Key. Please visit the Axosoft Developer Site for more information and to request your Public API Key.

Can I charge users for an Axosoft integration that I build?

Yes. You can charge for the Axosoft addons and integrations that you build.

How do I list my app on your website?

The first step is to submit your Axosoft Partnership request, by completing the form on this page. Then our team will review your app, list it on our Integrations page. During the review process, we can also help you with best practices.