Integration Partners

Want to connect with more than 100,000 software developers from 11,000 organizations around the globe? We can help you do that!

Experience shared success by integrating your tools and services with Axosoft. Integrations are a great way to provide extended features and functionality to users of both tools.

We’ve seen great success with integrations built through our developer API and maintained by both Axosoft and third parties. Specifically, source control, live chat, test case management, and other tools that are complementary to our agile project management software!

Community Partners

We’re on a mission to make the tech space a better place. So, we partner with lots of like-minded organizations that are interested in educating, training and supporting developers.

We speak at conferences, host meetups, provide free tools and resources, and do what we can to advance the software development community.

We also work with marketing partners to cross-promote products, services and resources to developers. Please contact if you’re interested in finding creative ways to work together!


Here are some frequently asked questions we get when it comes to our partnerships. You can always just email us anytime.

How can I integrate my product with Axosoft?

Visit the Axosoft Developer Site to gain an understanding of our RESTful APIs.

I want to build an app for Axosoft, can you help me decide what to build?

Yes, please contact our Customer Success Team, and we can provide you with some insights into what our customers are asking for, and what we believe would be popular.

What kind of API key do I need?

If you are building an app that you want to distribute widely, you will need a Public API Key. These types of apps are meant to run on many instances of Axosoft. On the other hand, if you would like to build an app for (or to extend) your own instance of Axosoft, you will not need a Public API Key. Please visit the Axosoft Developer Site for more information, and to request your Public API Key.

Can I charge users for an Axosoft integration that I build?

Yes, you can charge for the Axosoft add ons and integrations that you build.