Smarter, easier release planning

Do you ever feel like you’re just guessing when it comes to release planning? Do you run around calculating your team’s capacity? You’re not alone… The scary truth is that a lot of project managers rely on guesswork, but you don’t have to!

Release Planner

Know your teams’ and users’ limits before you start adding and assigning tasks (or user stories, for the Scrum Masters out there). Just drag and drop items into the Release Planner to assign them. Even break down epics (you know, the really big user stories) into multiple items that can be assigned out accordingly. No more guessing if you're going over your release capacity, the planner lets you know if your team has time. You don’t have to worry about under-utilizing or overloading certain team members; instead everyone will be working at their most efficient levels.

Axosoft Release Planner

Burndown charts & velocity

You and your team are burning through those user stories, right? Wait, there’s a hiccup! It’s okay, Axosoft’s algorithms will calculate your velocity as the release progresses, so you can actually visualize where the issues lie ahead. Keep an eye on your handy dandy speedometer to see if you're late, ahead of schedule, or right on time. You can also stack rank your items so your team knows in what order they should be worked on. When you have a sense of the work that is still left to do and the time you have to do it in, you can pull yourself out of panic mode, communicate, adjust and smile.

Axosoft Burndown Chart

Unlimited projects and subprojects

If you’ve developed your own structure that’s unique to your team, no worries. Axosoft allows you to create unlimited projects and subprojects to match your hiearchical project tracking, with specific workflows and field templates for each. Look at you! You’re so flexible! Yoga, anyone?

Custom fields and field templates

Your team has its own look, feel and brand; this is essentially what makes you feel like you’re all working toward the same goal. Values like this are important, so the software that you use everyday to attain those goals should reflect that. That’s why Axosoft supports a diverse array of custom fields and pick lists. Score!

“We are in the process of launching a new product… We walked straight in there and planned it as a Scrum project, and Axosoft has really led us in how to do that. Without Axosoft, we wouldn’t have been able to organize the sprints and people’s time nearly as effectively, and have any idea what sort of literary base we were looking at and what velocity we had on the project. So I would definitely say that Axosoft has definitely helped us on that project.”

George Wilde George Wilde Head of Application Development
Footwork Solutions

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