Easy agile reporting

Do you ever need to send a report to your CEO or someone who has zero time to navigate through your precious charts and graphs? Yes, they mean a lot to you and your team, that’s why we help you create them at a granular level. But for someone who just needs the big picture, Axosoft has you covered with custom dashboards and agile reports that showcase relevant project data at a glance.


Generate a custom dashboard to see your Axosoft item information, focusing on the data most relevant to your projects. Drag and drop gadgets into your dashboard, and resize and relocate them to create a concise visual overview of your project’s progress and projections. Don't forget to add in some sleek burndown charts and the speedometer gadget to track your velocity and ensure you're progressing on time. Last step, share with your team!

Axosoft Dashboards

Robust reporting

View the data you need to keep your project on target, make projections and correct mistakes before they happen. View your agile reports online or export them to files and share with your team. Plus, if you can see it in the item grid, you can print it (on paper or a PDF). Everyone gets a copy!

Axosoft Reporting

“So many other tool vendors just do not even come close to the ease, functionality, reporting, and amazing user experience of Axosoft.”

Mat Chacon Mat Chacon Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

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