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Sticky notes on a whiteboard are all well and good, until they’re not… because let’s face it, this system doesn’t scale like using kanban software! Sticky notes end up on the ground and details get lost. Besides, you work in technology, and you could probably use some of it—like agile project management software—to track and visualize your hard-earned progress. Leverage Axosoft’s kanban tool to move items through your workflow swimlanes, manually or automatically, and trigger certain actions. Because ideas should stay top of mind, not under foot.

Kanban Card View

Axosoft’s Card View is a fully interactive kanban board. Customize and edit item cards, drag-and-drop between steps, add work logs, and view work-in-process (WIP) limits—all without ever leaving your board.

Axosoft Card View Kanban Board

Powerful workflow actions and flexibility

When you drag and drop your cards into the next step in your workflow, you can trigger automatic notifications, such as communication to a person or teams. In addition, you can establish WIP limits and post to URLs. As workflow steps change between projects, you can customize them accordingly. Change them, rename them and rearrange them no problem with our kanban software!

“Axosoft is a great core product and its flexibility allows us to adapt it for all industries we work with. We would recommend Axosoft with these three sentiments: process flexibility, integration capabilities, and reporting capabilities.”

Tony Doran Tony Doran Global VP of Sales and Business Development
Sonora Software

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