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Why Student Developers Choose Axosoft

A look inside Axosoft’s free student accounts

Written by Sara Stamas

Axosoft is dedicated to helping the development community advance by providing quality tools for developers, amongst other initiatives. We know that in order for our community to grow, we need to ensure the next generation of developers like you have the support and tools you need to advance your skills.

That’s why we provide Axosoft, our Scrum project management software, and GitKraken, our cross-platform Git GUI client, free for students!

So, let’s talk about why students love using Axosoft, and how you can get a free Axosoft student account!

Why do students use Axosoft?

Student developers are almost always required to do a capstone project, research project or some sort of group project. Because students oftentimes choose to take online classes, or have to do work remotely (meaning, at home, at the library, or anywhere outside of your classroom), collaboration software is essential to getting these projects completed successfully.

UAT students using Axosoft | Photo by Jake Turocy

Students need to be able to communicate and sync up on projects regardless of location. This is where hosted Scrum project management software comes in handy!

“Axosoft is a great tool for keeping communication flowing through development teams.”

- Game Developer Student, UAT Game Studios

Axosoft empowers students to share team goals, assign tasks and keep team members accountable for their work.

Why learn Scrum?

Many schools like the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) use the Scrum framework and agile methodologies to teach their students best practices for software development. Scrum and agile have become increasingly popular amongst tech companies, so student developers with an understanding of these concepts have a huge advantage upon entering the workforce.

We’ve created Learn Scrum in Under 10 Minutes, a video which has now been viewed over 1.5 million times (making it the most popular Scrum learning video). It’s used by many Computer Science professors across the world to teach students Scrum.

Professors at UAT and other universities see great success in teaching students Scrum while also having them use Axosoft.

How do students use Axosoft?

In general, students find it easy to follow our tutorials and Scrum learning resources to quickly get started working on their projects in Axosoft.

UAT students use Axosoft | Photo by Jake Turocy

“All students enrolled in the UAT Game Studios track their weekly sprint progress using Axosoft.”

- Game Developer Student, UAT Game Studios

Students at UAT Game Studios are required to submit screenshots of their Axosoft Release Planners and team burndown charts. This helps students and professors determine each team’s velocity of game production.

It’s easy to know if your project can be completed on time with Axosoft’s custom dashboards, which include burndown charts, velocity calculations and projected ship date widgets.

The kanban board in Axosoft allows students to visualize tasks easily, and know who’s working on what. Plus, you can simply drag and drop items through the workflow steps.

There are many more features that make Axosoft a great, free Scrum project management tool for student developers, such as release planning, task prioritization, team capacity calculations and work logs!

How do I get a free student account?

It’s easy to get started with a free Axosoft account for one year! Simply click below to create your free account.