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Axosoft provides Sonora Software flexibility across multiple industries

When Sonora Software first experienced the power of Axosoft’s agile project management software, it was through a client who was already leveraging the tool. They quickly realized how adaptive it was with its API integration and reporting capabilities. Sonora Software now uses Axosoft for all their clients’ projects, especially those with very specific requirements.

“Interaction with another software provider can be a complicated process. We needed a flexible tool that could help us enforce the correct disciplines required for clients in specialized fields like Aerospace.”

Tony Doran Tony Doran Global VP of Sales and Business Development
Sonora Software

Setting up work with organizations that have very specific requirements is time consuming. Sonora needed a project management tool that expedited project startup and saved time.

Sonora Software can easily adapt to waterfall or agile (including Scrum and Kanban). Development shops like Sonora are often required to work with multiple organizations from varied industries, such as aerospace and healthcare, and are frequently asked to follow specific development processes. In order to do this, Sonora completes a “process configuration” at the beginning of each relationship with a client. This process includes in-depth research to identify exactly how to map the agile methodology to the new clients’ processes and specific requirements using a Process Configurator. This tool, which utilizes Axosoft’s API, allows Sonora to rapidly configure workflow processes and work assignments regarding development, testing and support for the project. These processes then map directly to those steps in the Axosoft environment. Research, which includes discussions with stakeholders, can traditionally take a week or more on a complicated project. However, once the Process Configurator is built, implementing the data into Axosoft only takes an hour or two. Axosoft allows for the ability to improve the customer experience by providing an organized method for communicating project status and improving customer communication.

With Axosoft, Sonora Software is able to implement projects quicker and give clients increased visibility into their project statuses from any location in the world.

Sonora Software used Axosoft to increase a healthcare organization’s patient engagement by more than 30% allowing for optimization of their wellness program, improving patient outcomes.

Other Sonora Software projects with Axosoft:


A healthcare company needed to connect patient-recorded data from large hospital systems, providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, health information technology platforms, health clubs and wellness companies. Sonora Software used Axosoft project management software to successfully connect these sectors to communicate with each other.

Sonora used Axosoft to build a large enterprise content management system for medical experts to educate and inform the public about every medical condition known; it also included a recommended treatment or help with self-diagnostics.


A major telecommunications company needed a bilingual web portal to allow a larger and diversified population more access to information. It also needed a way to direct buyers to purchase additional insurance, backup their data and manage other custom services through the use of mobile devices. Sonora Software utilized Axosoft to complete the project.


Sonora Software used Axosoft to create a real-time aerospace testing system for a company working to ensure an additional level of safety for passengers while in flight and pre-flight.

“Axosoft is a great core product and its flexibility allows us to adapt it for all industries we work with. We would recommend Axosoft with these three sentiments: process flexibility, integration capabilities, and reporting capabilities.”

Tony Doran Tony Doran Global VP of Sales and Business Development
Sonora Software

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