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We understand that you already have a bunch of tools that play nicely with one another. You don’t need one that doesn’t. Good news, Axosoft has integrations with an ever-growing number of services and tools through our developer API. Maintained by both Axosoft and third parties, they allow you to hook into tools for source control, live chat, test case management, and more. Find your favorite tools below.

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Featured Integration: Zapier


Zapier is an awesome service for bringing the services you rely on together. With Axosoft and Zapier, updating or creating items, projects, work logs, releases and more triggers actions in your other tools, and vice versa.

Popular services that work with Axosoft through Zapier include BugHerd, Infusionsoft, Google Calendar, and Toggl.

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Most integrations and addons require API access in order to connect to Axosoft.

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