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Happy people give awesome customer testimonials. Check out these customer quotes to hear how teams just like yours are successful with Axosoft!

“Axosoft is a great core product and its flexibility allows us to adapt it for all industries we work with. We would recommend Axosoft with these three sentiments: process flexibility, integration capabilities, and reporting capabilities.”

Tony Doran Tony Doran Global VP of Sales and Business Development
Sonora Software
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“We are in the process of launching a new product… We walked straight in there and planned it as a Scrum project, and Axosoft has really led us in how to do that. Without Axosoft, we wouldn’t have been able to organize the sprints and people’s time nearly as effectively, and have any idea what sort of literary base we were looking at and what velocity we had on the project. So I would definitely say that Axosoft has definitely helped us on that project.”

George Wilde George Wilde Head of Application Development
Footwork Solutions

“Our Scrum Masters and Product Owners rely on this simple-to-use tool because of its powerful backlog management features. Without a doubt, our product releases are better because Axosoft is at the heart of our agile transformation!”

Donna Alexander Donna Alexander Scrum Master
Three Rivers Systems

“Time and again, when I call upon them they are all extremely helpful, informative, and courteous. The fact that they remember me, my business needs, and my concerns adds even more value to the supreme service they provide.”

Trevor Bono Trevor Bono Project Manager
Vantage Production

“Axosoft is an asset to our company—we need it. We are not able to go through our software development process without using Axosoft… Developers won’t accept work or tasks if they aren’t entered into Axosoft. It is a well-accepted product amongst our entire team… It allows us to organize our work in a very efficient manner, which has improved communication with our team… All the communication channels have also improved relationships with our customers.”

Juan Tapia Juan Tapia Director of Technology
Proezas SRL

“[Axosoft] includes all the practical features you need in a software development tool without superfluous functions you pay for, but don’t use.”

Calvin Fabre Calvin Fabre Founder

“So many other tool vendors just do not even come close to the ease, functionality, reporting, and amazing user experience of Axosoft.”

Mat Chacon Mat Chacon Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

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